Research Aids

Can't find the company your looking for? Need contact information? Try one of these services.

Canada 411 - Search for businesses or people in Canada. Over 10 million listings.

Companies Online - Search for information on over 100,000 public and private U.S. companies.

Facts Online - You get fast company summaries, including: address, phones, concise description, CEO, funding history, web site and more. This valuable service is provided on the web, via email and in database files for your personal computer. - A comprehensive guide to Internet searching. The Powersearch Section hosts links to dozens of search engines, metasearch tools, people finders, directories, and reference sites. No matter what kind of information you're looking for, there should be a tool on this page that can help.

SearchAbility - The complete list of guides (with descriptions) to thousands of search engines covering hundreds of subjects. Listed in approximate order of size and specificity of subject categories.

Yellow Pages - US company listings.

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