Generate more leads, build more contacts and reach more quality candidates!

Put yourself in position to increase the volume of your split-placements by extending your contact base beyond that of your agency and into the vast recruiter community.


Split placements typically account for 10-20% of a recruiter's total production. Many recruiters are closed to the idea of splitting fees, thereby disqualifying themselves of such benefits.


Every recruiter has candidates on file that amount to tens of thousands of dollars in unrealized placements.

Reach the best candidates available by matching your job orders amongst a pool of top caliber talent headhunted and qualified by fellow recruiters.

Confidentially register top-notch candidates you have "on-file" and market them to recruiters in your industry with active job opportunities.


Recruiters spend the majority of their time searching for candidates. Make the most of your quality recruits.


Reach passive job seekers by matching your job opportunities to other recruiters' pre-screened candidates.

Simultaneously advertise your jobs to applicants searching the employment database (RecruitersCafe's sister site for job seekers).


A Recruitment Network is not a dumping ground for low priority job orders or resumes. Recruiters typically seek help when they come across hard-to-fill or highly specialized job orders. When time, demand and customer satisfaction are key elements of a search, Network support becomes most valuable.

"If you find that you're having more trouble lately filling increasingly specialized job orders from a local candidate inventory, network membership may well pay for itself several times over."*
*2000 Staffing Industry Resource Guide


Our resume database contains over 2 Million contacts and receives more than 30,000 new entries each month!

Included in your 30-day trial is 48-hours of free unlimited access to our 2 Million+ database.

  All resumes are archived as they contain extremely valuable networking contact information.  

The term "Network" implies active participation from individuals of a group. In fact, a Network that dosn't interact is simply a directory.

Dissolve competition and build strategic alliances with other professionals networking in your industry.


Medium to small sized firms and independent recruiters make up a large percentage of Recruitment Network memberships.


Utilize your search time efficiently and turn your contacts into sales.

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I was conducting a search for a Fortune 50 client looking for a specialized computer programmer. It was an area I was not well networked in and therefore tried the RecruitersCafe website because there didn't seem to be a downside. Within three weeks of placing the ad I split a placement fee of fifteen thousand dollars.

John Romaniuk, Rx ProSearch Inc.


Thank you for your Internet assistance in locating excellent candidates. I am pleased to say, I personally have succeeded in filling 12 positions with candidates obtained from the RecruitersCafe Network. While I have never relied on advertising or other agencies to attract engineering candidates, it is especially sweet to have an ideal candidate drop in your lap. Keep up the good work!


Phil DuBois, Pride In Personnel Inc.