Message Boards/Discussion Groups
(Great for generating leads by tapping into industry or product discussions.) - The mother search engine of discussion services and newsgroups. If its discussed on the Net its listed here!
Lycos - Also drop into the career clubs when visiting this board.
Women Networking - What do you get when you mix a handful of professional working women, about 30 different listservs, hundreds of emails and thousands of hours surfing? The answer is
Yahoo - Large contrubutorship but a bit 'bulky' to use.
Recruiting/HR Focused Groups
RecNet - General recruiting topics. Very active list!
Career Magazine - Nicely categorized into discussion topics.
IOMA - Dicussion board specifically focused on compensation related issues.
HR Professionals Forum - General HR issues forum by IMS-Online.
HR Forum - General HR topics hosted by the Electronic Recruiting Exchange.
HR Next - General topics, harassment, compensation and recruiting + retention. - Large contributorship. Don't get lost! - Well organized discussion group.
WorkforceOnine - Generalist topics.

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