RecruitersCafe is a dynamic split-placement medium where third-party recruiters meet and network. Established in January 1999, RecruitersCafe quickly developed a solid community of members interested in enhancing their knowledge and contacts within the marketplace and increasing their billings! Since its inception, we have regularly introduced new technology to further user friendliness and convenience. Constant new partnerships with recruitment service providers continue to add value and benefits to our membership.

RecruitersCafe is directed and managed by Nelson Abreu, an experienced recruiter and business graduate from the University of Toronto. Our network is operated entirely on premise with custom programmed software and high speed fiber connection.

Our official publication, the Recruitment Networking Online newsletter, is focused on providing analysis, commentary and advice on the art of networking and its role in professional recruitment. RNO has a subscriber base of over 800 third-party recruiters and has recently surpassed its 30th issue!

On February 8, 2001, RecruitersCafe hosted the Executive Recruiters Challenge. An online contest open to third-party recruiters across the US and Canada. Over $5,000 in top recruitment industry products and services were awarded. The contest ran for a period of eight weeks and was built on the theme of peer networking as a long-term solution to increased revenues. Click here to view our list of winners!

On April 10, 2001 RecruitersCafe began its series of Networking Forums in Toronto, Ontario for GTA executive recruiters. The events take place bi-monthly and continue to fill the Wine Cellar Room at Vinnie's Restaurant in downtown Toronto to capacity. Stay tuned for future event announcements or email us if you would like to be placed on our mailing list!

In October 2001 RecruitersCafe, Recruiters Portal and Vortex combined forces to provide the executive search community with a robust suite of placement solutions that encompasses applicant tracking, streamlining workflow and seamless split-collaboration!

RecruitersCafe remains committed to becoming the Internet's #1 provider of full-range executive search recruitment technologies in attempt to help recruiters achieve maximum success and enjoyment in the business of recruiting.